All Hands Meeting: Coverage of our quarterly meeting

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All Hands Meeting: Coverage of our quarterly meeting

The third quarter is behind us, and this means one thing - All hands meeting, i.e. our corporate summary meeting. This time, we met at the Ruben Hotel to talk about our achievements, development directions, and - to distribute awards to our employees.

At Metapack, we meet every three months to summarize the past weeks in each of our departments. We want our employees to be aware of what is happening in the company and how we are developing. Kasia from the HR department says why these meetings are so important:


We discuss what has been achieved and what is still ahead of us. We try to have someone else appear at each meeting. We always have a delegation, for example from the London office, to present their share. We present a lot of data, including financial ones, about the condition of the company.

Marcin Wójcicki, Founder and Managing Director at Metapack Poland, adds:

We meet every quarter to exchange information about what is happening in the company. There are different locations, there are many departments, different functions, so we want everyone to hear about each one of them. What have we achieved, what are the plans, where are we? We talk about everything - both financial results and implemented projects.

It’s going to be an amazing year!

Kasia, our Human Resources specialist, also took the floor in this meeting. She was talking about Employer Branding, i.e. activities aimed at building a strong image in the minds of current and future Metapack employees. A lot is happening in our company, but there will be even more going on, and we want to involve our Metapackers in these projects.

all hands meeting metapack

The “HR” part wasn’t over yet. All Hands Meeting is also an opportunity to present awards to our employees who not only profess, but also implement actions in accordance with our corporate values. Those are:

  • Passion
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

Kasia explains how this competition works:

Each quarter, each employee may nominate a colleague or team mate to one of four categories. A group of leaders from office in Zielona Góra selects three people from these nominations and presents them with awards from the company.

Purpose: minimizing the execution time of orders

Later Beata discussed a presentation of the implementation improvement plan for our clients, cooperation with couriers and improving relations. In this ambitious undertaking, the aim is to reduce the procedures, that currently take from several to several dozen days, to only 48 hours!

all hands meeting metapack

How are we going to achieve this? Beata has specific guidelines, developed in cooperation with two Metapack teams:

We have to introduce some new solutions and build them from scratch instead of fixing old integrations. Cooperate with couriers and explain what we do and why we do it. Build greater awareness of what clients we have, what challenges we have and what they are struggling with.

Security improvements

Łukasz from Metapack Zielona Góra was asked to present the achievements of our London team. The presentation concerned the changes that we have implemented in the field of data security and how inbound and outbound traffic looked like in terms of data transmission in the last quarter. Łukasz presented the tools used by the London team and his plans for the coming months.

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

Łukasz summarized his speech in a few sentences:

These are technical curiosities, but I think very interesting to all of us here. Compared to what it was, we have made tremendous progress. We are in a very good place. We have a number of tools that keep us secure. We also focus on people's awareness - we want it to be high. The team from London doesn't want to react to incidents, it wants to prevent them. That is why we have a series of trainings and workshops for employees to prevent these incidents.

New level of onboarding

Piotr, our Head of Carrier Integration team, also spoke in the meeting. This is a young 50-person team at Metapack, which has completed a lot of tasks in recent months and has a lot to be proud of. Its task is to remove the barriers and difficulties associated with onboarding new Metapack employees.

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

It is not easy, but as Piotr says, the changes are going in the right direction, and there are many tasks ahead of them.

Time to integrate

After such a dose of substantive speeches, we deserved to relax and continue interesting topics in a less formal atmosphere. That’s why we organized a small “after party” in the Barcelona club, but we will leave the details of this meeting to ourselves;)

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

all hands meeting metapack zielona góra

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