From internship to work at Metapack – the story of Mateusz

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From internship to work at Metapack – the story of Mateusz

Despite his young age, Mateusz knows exactly what direction he wants to develop his professional career in. The fact that he became part of our team was no coincidence. Get to know his story.

How did you hear about Metapack and the internship opportunities it offers?

I’ve known about Metapack for a long time. Before I started studying IT, some of my friends were already working in IT. At the university, I saw advertisements for Summer Academy, and when I heard from a friend that the company was looking for apprentices, I decided to give it a try.

Was getting into the internship difficult? Did you have to complete a task or was the interview with the recruiter enough?

No, it wasn’t difficult. I had a general interview with the recruiting person, after which I was admitted. I didn’t have to do any task, but I had to present my skills.

What did you do during your Metapack internship?

Many things. I got to know the company’s application and its operation. I had a number of professional trainings on issues such as Unit Tests, SoapUI, databases and Git. I could practice each of these things, usually getting small tasks to do. In the middle of my internship, I got a bigger task – a WPF window application.

For people entering the labor market, the support of experienced colleagues is extremely important. Has Metapack provided you with proper care?

I rate the support of my guardians at A+. I could always turn to them with any problem, even the smallest one. The rest of the team was also very helpful. There was always someone who managed to take a moment to help me.

Student internships are the first contact with professional work. What made you curious, amazed or what impressed you most about Metapack?

Mostly, the involvement of my colleagues in my practice. I wasn’t left alone with my tasks. Each day was different from the day before. I can’t say it was boring or monotonous.

Did you learn something new?

Basically everything I did was new to me. Unfortunately, at the university I didn’t come across such things as application testing or the version control system. I got to know a lot of technologies that I mentioned earlier. In addition, I got to know C# and the rules of writing cleaner code better. I also got to know the company’s operating principles and work methodology.

Why did you decide to continue working with Metapack as an employee?

There were many reasons, but for me the decisive factor was the people and the atmosphere in the company. People spend 1/3 of their life at work, so it is important to be around people with whom you can easily communicate. During the internship, I noticed that the company cares about its employees.

The second factor was the possibility of combining studies with work and the location of the company. I was able to travel from university to work without any problems in the middle of the day.

Among his friends, Metapack was considered the best company on the Zielona Góra market. There are also good earnings and benefit packages, but when I started my first job I did not take it into account as a decisive factor. Metapack ensures continuous development and investing in myself is very important to me.

What was the recruitment for the company like for a person who already met it before?

In fact, it looked the same as for someone outside the company. I had to go to an interview. I already knew what the company does and what technologies it uses, which probably had a positive impact on the recruitment result.

What is your position called and what are you responsible for right now? Do you use the skills acquired during the internship?

I am a junior .NET developer and I am responsible for creating courier modules in C#. These are the skills I constantly use and develop in my daily work.

How were you welcomed by the rest of the team members? Did you receive the support you counted on?

Definitely! Everyone welcomed me very warmly, I didn’t feel like a stranger. We can always joke and in case of problems I can count on the help of the team.

The most difficult part, the beginning, is already behind you. You got to know Metapack well both during your internship and during your first weeks of work. Do you have any plans related to further development in the company?

My main goal at the moment is to acquire skills that will allow me to work quickly and efficiently. I would like to learn as many technologies as possible at an intermediate level. I would like to develop my knowledge of programming. Metapack makes it all possible. Even more, it encourages it! You can choose a quarterly goal for self-development during working hours or after work, for which you will receive bonuses. The company organizes various internal and external trainings with the possibility of obtaining certificates confirming acquired skills. This is what I want to focus on now, on my own professional development.

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