From Warsaw to Zielona Góra: The story of Paulina from team 501

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From Warsaw to Zielona Góra: The story of Paulina from team 501

Paulina became a Metapacker six months ago, joining the 501 team as System Analyst.

Previously, she studied and worked in Warsaw. Tired of big city life, she packed up and came to Zielona Góra. Today she proves that you don’t have to live in the capital city to develop in the IT industry and in an international company. Read her story.

Paulina, despite your young age, when you joined Metapack, you already had your first professional experience behind you. Was it directly related to what you are doing now?

Indeed, I am fresh out of college, but before Metapack, I gained some experience. First, I worked as a Delivery Operation Specialist, and then, after moving to Zielona Góra, as a Project Manager. It was, however, quite a short adventure.

How did you come across Metapack?

My paths with Metapack crossed when I moved to Zielona Góra. I submitted my application here, but unfortunately there were no suitable positions for me. I haven’t been able to join the team. Even so, Metapack’s HR department contacted me after a few months. It was a good time – I decided to take a shot and took part in the recruitment process.

Your decision to move is a bit unusual, because you have decided to leave Warsaw and came to a much smaller city. Plus, in the midst of a pandemic. Where did this idea come from?

Yes, many people are surprised because everyone says that the direction of migration is rather the other way round (laughs). But Zielona Góra is a beautiful city, it is also a peaceful city. I have a family here in the area, which additionally convinced me. I spend some time here during my childhood and I have always liked it here. It’s also a nice location – two hours to the seaside, two hours to the mountains, two hours to go to Berlin. Poznań and Wrocław are nearby. In my opinion, this is a cool place and I feel very comfortable here.

Not everyone finds themselves in Warsaw, it’s a city where you’re always in a rush. It is said that when you move to Warsaw, you watch people run around, and after two weeks you run with them. It was like that for me too. At some point I stopped and decided that I didn’t want it anymore. Especially during pandemic, which has verified many things. Life slowed down for a while, and around May, June, when the restrictions were lifted, everyone started running again. Those huge traffic jams came back and I figured that sitting in the car for hours is not the life for me.

We already know that you don’t lack courage, since you can drop everything and start life elsewhere. However, moving suring pandemic meant that you had to face a new professional reality – recruiting, online onboarding, meeting the team remotely. Were you worried that something might go wrong?

Honestly, at the very stage of the recruitment process in Metapack, I felt it was going to be a fun adventure. Even if it were to end at the recruitment process. I was given a lot of details, I really felt the individual approach on the Metapack side.

A huge advantage was that the recruitment process was not limited to meeting the recruiter and then meeting the team leader and a manager. There was another stage, which was getting to know the team. I admit that I was positively surprised by this. Thanks to that the team members were able to get to know me, their potential new colleague, and I also got to know the team. This doesn’t happen often at the stage of the recruitment process and it also helps to dispel any doubts.

Was it easy to reach the team in a remote setting?

I always say that team 501 is the best team in the whole company (laughs). Apart from me, there are six people in it: a team leader, four developers and one Quality Analyst. We get along really well. Of course, joining during the pandemic was a challenge. Now practically all of us work remotely and it was a certain obstacle, but Metapack played a huge role in overcoming it. Although the communication was not direct, the company already has experience in remote work, so talking on Slack or Zoom is a natural approach in everyday work.

The team was also well prepared for my coming. I was taken care of from the very beginning. We even tried to arrange virtual coffee so that the communication between us didn’t die. Now we can also meet in the office. We can reserve places and, of course, adjusting to the sanitary regime, we can see each other and talk, spend one day or even several hours in the office, meet as a team.

You have been with Metapack for six months. Are you fully deployed to your duties? What is your typical working day like?

So far, I am still a freshman, which means that my responsibilities are constantly evolving. When I started working, I took part in the full onboarding process, which included a lot of training, meetings with various people in the company. It was very well organized – I got a detailed plan of how my onboarding would go, so nothing surprised me. Every Metapacker has a plan, a path they will develop. This process doesn’t end after that first three-month onboarding period. There are always new things that come and need to be learned.

So when it comes to my responsibilities, at the beginning it was very basic, so that I could find myself in the team, feel comfortable and at ease. As time passed, when I got used to those first responsibilities, more began to emerge. For me, it is a very comfortable solution, because everything is smooth and structured. This allows for a smooth implementation of duties and gradual development of skills.

So to sum up, you got what you wanted – the opportunity to work in the IT industry and a calmer life without the rat race?


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