Home Office at Metapack: Onboarding online

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Home Office at Metapack: Onboarding online

For old Metapackers, the transition from Office to Home was easy. But what about new employees? For the first time in history, we had a chance to conduct full online onboarding. How did we pass this test? Our new Metapackers shared their impressions on their first days of work.

Online onboarding not as bad as it may seem

Zosia, Tomek and Mateusz completed the recruitment process at the turn of February and March. Back then, they didn’t think their first month of work would start in the home office mode. What were their first thoughts when they found out about it?

Zosia: “At first, I was scared. Working from home is fun. But working from home, when you have to learn everything, wwhen everything is new to you and you would like someone to be with you and train you... It stressed me out a little! Fortunately, all my trainers had the right attitude. They devoted enough time to us and were happy to answer questions. Despite my initial concerns, I quickly saw that it works. I'm glad."

Tomek: “I was aware of remote onboarding because I saw what was happening on the labor market. Honestly, it didn't affect me in any negative way. I was even a little happy, because it showed me that the company is ready for challenges and doesn't close itself to new employees, it is looking for modern solutions. This is extremely important to me, and I think that made this onboarding better than if it was to be postponed or done quickly in the office. Here I can see that everything is well prepared. "

And what about online onboarding thought Mateusz, who was with us previously on a monthly internship?

“I was a little stressed at first, but when I saw people I had contact with, I calmed down. It wasn't as scary as I thought! "

Remote command center

We took care of our new Metapackers’ comfort. We’ve equipped them with laptops, monitors, docking stations and headphones (and if necessary, even the Internet!). And as they admit, this equipment works great. Not everyone got their full set on time, but it all ended well.

Zosia has an entire room at her disposal, in which she plans to create her own office soon. Tomasz took the place that his wife uses for her hobby – nail styling. Mateusz rents an apartment with two Metapackers, so he works calmly in his room, and when he has a problem, he can go and talko to his colleagues at any time. Online onboarding cannot go wrong under these conditions, right?

Some theory, some practice

After a few weeks, do the new Metapackers still have time filled with training, or are they already starting to organize their work plan themselves? There is no clear answer here. Tomek admits that after a few intensive days of training he had time to practice new skills and test his knowledge in practice. He already knows that the team leader is preparing good tasks for him…

Zosia mainly focuses on training, and she carries out tasks in between. She tries to practice everything twice to make sure that she can do it. The remaining time she spends developing friendships with team members. It is different with Mateusz. His day is full of training, but sometimes the person who trains him, gives him a job to do. His first standalone mission is coming soon – he will write a test module!

Home office but sensibly

Maintaining a balance between personal and work life can be a real problem at the beginning in a new workplace. What does work life balance look like in the case of Zosia, Tomek and Mateusz?

Zosia: “I make sure to work 8 hours. I only worked once until 6 p.m., but only because I wanted to finish something myself - I couldn't leave the computer until I did. I make sure that my day is not too long because I want to pursue my interests. The family knows that I'm at work, so they also try not to call or come at this time. "

Tomek: “For me, 8 hours of work is not a challenge. This is how I plan my day to start at 8:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. Everything is OK. I'm managing! "

Mateusz: “I work from 8:00 to 16:00. If I leave an assignment open, I finish it before the Daily in the morning. After hours, I analyze various solutions in my head, but take it easy. This method works well for me. "

Even scheduled onboarding is always a bit spontaneous

The onboarding process takes a month. The training calendar is updated on an ongoing basis, and each new employee attends a maximum of 2 courses a day. New Metapackers are pleased with their trainers, who are understanding and willing to help. They are not afraid to ask difficult questions and can always count on help from other team members. What surprised them? Efficient flow of information – one of the most desirable features of an ideal workplace.

However, there are some issues we still have to work on. Zosia and Mateusz mentioned that it would be much easier for them to assess the pace of implementation progress if they had received an implementation schedule at the beginning with all the trainings scheduled in time. It would definitely be helpful for their teams as well. Taking into account suggestions of Zosia, Tomek and Mateusz, we will certainly introduce appropriate improvements in the next remote onboarding sessions.

The success of remote work lies in the right tools

Communication is the key, that’s why at Metapack we focused on proven tools. Slack ensures quick communication, building relations in the team, and screen sharing improves our work. Zoom also collects positive feedback. Evidence? Over 160 people participated in our memorable Easter meeting!

Despite remote work, interpersonal relationships are doing great. Teams organize coffee breaks together, there is time for conversations and getting to know other people. For the time being, trainings can interfere with them, but fortunately this state only lasts a month. On Slack there is also a group created especially for new Metapackers, in which they share their impressions. Apparently, Metapackers can’t wait to have a night out together once the pandemic is over.

Onboarding grade: B+

Zosia, Tomek and Mateusz stated: online onboarding in Metapack works well! We also know what checks out and what needs to be improved, and we promise that our next grade in this test will be remarkable. Training new employees in such conditions was also an interesting experience for us, from which we drew many conclusions. Especially since we now realize that this is not the only time we will train in the home office mode.

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