Metapack Active: On the New Borders Trail

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Metapack Active: On the New Borders Trail

At the end of September, Krzysiek and Hubert covered 103 km in the VII New Borders Ultramarathon. Read the short report from this event, prepared by Krzysiek, the initiator of this challenge.

On Saturday, September 25, another VII Utramarathon Nowe Granice took place.

After the pandemic break, the event returned to its original format, i.e. running and / or cycling around Zielona Góra. The total distance is 103 km.

It has been a long time since I took part in mass events (not counting the Bacchus Run during Winobranie), because they did not take place for obvious reasons. So as soon as the opportunity arose, I decided to participate. Initially, I planned to run alone 23 km, but eventually I managed to persuade Hubert to ride a bicycle for 80 km. Therefore, we took part in the duathlon relay, which had two stages:

  • my 23 km run,
  • 80 km cycling undertaken by Hubert.

The start of the race was at 6:00, when it was still dark. We had to have a flashlights with us, the so-called headlamp to know where to run – the more so as the route led through forests. I reached the finish line in Jarogniewice after exactly 2 hours. There, Hubert was waiting for me, and started his part of the route.

Around 11:00 am I waited at the finish line for Hubert, where we snapped a souvenir photo.

 Metapack Active VII Ultramarathon Nowe Granice 2021

21 teams took part in the Utramarathon. We were 10th with time 5:12. We consider the result to be good, the more so as we did not prepare ourselves for this event.


Congratulations to the boys on such a great result and determination to cover so many kilometers on a Saturday, September morning 🙂

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