Metapack for medical professionals

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Metapack for medical professionals

They are on the front lines, yet stay energized and carry out their duties without complaining. There is no doubt that they need support. We rushed to help doctors, nurses and medical workers fighting the epidemic.

A meal for medical professionals

This action is co-organized by local restaurants and Bidfood Farutex. Initially, eateries from Zielona Góra were involved, but very soon those from the surrounding area – Krosno Odrzańskie or Dąbie – also joined it. They cook meals every day and send them to hospitals to provide medical staff with a warm and tasty lunch.

How did we get involved in this action? We decided to donate cash for ingredients for these meals. Bidfood Farutex was able to purchase the necessary products and deliver them to the restaurant.

At the moment, the following participants are taking part in the #mealforthemedicalprofessionals: Jeffersons, Klimat Bistro, Pizzeria Roma, Jazzgot, Pesto Restaurant, 12 Stolików, Bistro Zdrówko, Il Vicolo, “Temar” holiday resorts in Dąbie and Kołatka. The list is constantly growing, and restaurants can be supported by anyone. We strongly encourage you to do so.

Thousand masks

However, meals are not all that medics need right now. We know that hospitals mainly face insufficient equipment and medical products to ensure their proper safety. Therefore, in the second half of April, we donated protective masks to the Central Operating Block of the University Hospital in Zielona Góra. They arrived on April 24 and we received thanks from the hospital staff.

 Metapack for medical professionals

Visors from our Codenaut

Waiting for the Metapackers to return to the office, we ordered visors for them, which we hope will provide them with a better working comfort. The information was provided to our employees by our Codenaut, the hero of our brand, who guards our corporate motto: Sky is not the limit.

But Codenaut didn’t want to stop there. He also organized visors for the medical workers. The parcels were delivered to the Polyclinic, Vigor Clinic, Hospice im. Lady Ryder of Warsaw, Hospice at the parish of St. Józef in Zacisze. We also plan to hand over the visors to the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Zielona Góra.

Metapack for medical professionals

More than applause

Our region is the only area in Poland with the lowest number of cases. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is the tireless work of healthcare professionals. Thank you all for that.

Saying that, we realize that thanking is not enough. We encourage everyone, who’s reading this post to support medics on a daily basis. Let them in front of you in the store lines, show kindness, help if you can. Together we are stronger in this fight.

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