Ola – an expert in good cinema

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Ola – an expert in good cinema

Ola started working at Metapack in the Customer Support team. Her openness and ease in making contacts, as well as commitment to ensuring a smooth workflow made us more challenging.

For several months, in a new position – Customer Support Problem Manager – she has been solving problems and planning new strategies in managing customer requests.

After hours, she devotes herself to her long-term hobby which is cinematography. We were not surprised when she decided to show her colorful personality to a wider audience by setting up her own YouTube channel. If you want to be up to date with new films, want to discuss them or just find out what to watch – be sure to check out the channel Te Dwie w Kinie.

Te Dwie w Kinie

You have been passionate about cinema for a long time …

Yes, my love of cinema has lasted as long as I can remember. I’ve always been interested in movies, often going to the cinema, watching TV series. I was not limited to typical film productions, I was also attracted to all kinds of animations, including Japanese ones.

For me, it is the best form of spending free time. I sit in a cinema room, I forget about the whole world, there is only me and the heroes, I try to symphatize with them s and that’s great. A real break from everyday life.

In Metapack your hobbies are well known. Before you started your adventure with YouTube, you co-organized the so-called Game Nights at work.

Yes, that was back when I was working on the Customer Support team. These were the after-hours meetings for my team. We organized various types of games, but also watched movies. The MD of the company liked the idea so much that he organized such an event for all Metapackers.

Does Metapack support you in your current passion of online movie reviewing?

Yes, I got an offer to participate in the Matepack Active program. I didn’t do it at the very beginning, because my friend with whom I run the channel decided that everything was going a little too fast and we would need to give ourselves some time. We wanted to wait to see what will come of it and how much we will get involved in this project. Now we can see that our enthusiasm is only growing, so I will probably submit my candidacy in the next recruitment to the program.

Okay, but passion is one thing, and creating a channel and communicating your opinions to a wider audience is a little more challending. At what point did you get the idea to start a YouTube channel?

It was one of those months when, together with Natalia, who co-created the channel, we watched a lot of movies in a very short time. We had so much to say, so much to discuss. We thought then that it would be nice to put it somewhere, have it out there and being able to come back to all those thoughts and opinions in the future. But also to talk to others, inspire them and ourselves. We really wanted to go out there with our passion and find people with similar interests. Someone with whom we can discuss movies and recommend them to one another. This is how it was born.

Do you consider yourself experts in this field or do you run an amateur channel?

When it comes to our channel, it is obviously not professional, although I must admit that I also follow other YouTubers or thematic portals, and newspapers, because there were also magazines devoted to cinematography. And that’s all, we are not professionally educated in this field (laughs). Only what we have learned ourselves and that is why we always say that this is an amateur channel.

Your beginnings were difficult, because the premiere of the channel fell during the quarantine period ..

Yes, the beginnings were terrible (laughs). The idea for the channel was born in January, at the beginning of this year. However, it took several weeks before we started to do it, before we took the courage and chose the form we want to pursue. And when we finally decided that this is the moment and we move on with the topic, the coronavirus came. They closed cinemas and it was a bit unfortunate (laughs). But the plus point is we had tons of movies from January and February to review. We had a few weeks of publication in stock.

How did you prepare for work? Have you invested in any equipment and professional tools?

At the beginning, we didn’t want to buy anything, because you know it’s a cost (laughs). It’s not always possible to do so. With time, however, it turned out that it’s better to invest at least in a video processing program or in tools such as appropriate lighting, sound system. Over time, more and more of these things came. As for the recording equipment itself, fortunately we have some pretty good phones (laughs). The marketing studio Reprezentuj.com , where Natalia works, also offers us a little help.

What would you advise other people that are thinking about starting a YouTube channel?

That they should have fun with it. Haters are everywhere and with Natalia we decided that we won’t care about it (laughs). We just do our job. For us, it’s passion, joy, something we do for fun. We also didn’tt set up a channel with the idea that we would profit from it. We want to share it with people, because there are so many cool movies that it’s worth talking about. So you have to be yourself, be natural, enjoy it, not do anything by force.

Finally, what is your favorite movie genre and which movie do you like to come back to?

I like science fiction the most, definitely, although for the channel we also watch others, even those that we didn’t really watched before (laughs). And the movie I come back to every now and then with the same enthusiasm is “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves and I keep my fingers crossed for the sequel, as there has been a rumor that it might come up.

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