Talented Metapack – how do we recruit IT specialists?

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Talented Metapack – how do we recruit IT specialists?

Searching for talents is not an easy task, which is why at Metapack we have a specialist for that. Meet Eliza, who knows very well how and where to find talented people related to the IT industry.

We asked Eliza about her work as a recruiter and where candidates for work can find her. She also gave advice for people starting in the IT industry on how to get noticed. Check out the whole interview.

You started working at Metapack recently. Have you worked as a recruiter before?

Yes, I have just joined Metapack, I started working here in August this year. However, I have been recruiting for about 3 years, though, so I have some experience.

Did you woke up one day and realized that talent seeking was your calling or did it take some time?

It definately took time. I was looking for my professional path in many places, I was involved in, among others, marketing, copywriting, customer service, communication inside the company, until I came across recruitment and… that was it!

Does recruiting employees in IT differ significantly from looking for people to work in other industries? What distinguishes this market from the recruiter’s point of view?

I see both the similarities and the differences. It is definately more difficult to attract candidates from the IT industry because the growing demand for such positions does not go hand in hand with the growing number of specialists available on the market. Especially in Zielona Góra – there are simply not enough IT specialists here. That is why we not only recruit experienced candidate, but we’re also wiling to invest in new, young talents.

What do you value most in your work?

Contact with people and the opportunity to learn about their strengths, what excites them at work, what they are good at. I find such stories really inspiring.

Are there any “dark” sides to a recruiter’s job? What challenges do you have to deal with?

The biggest challenge is certainly connecting the manager’s requirements with reality. Every manager dreams of the perfect candidate, and there are no such candidates. My job is sometimes to ‘cool down’ these aspirations and convince those involved in the recruitment process that compromising is not a bad thing and brings many benefits to both sides. It’s also worth taking a close look at not only the already gained experience, but also the current potential, attitude and commitment to further learning.

How are you looking for specialists? Where would potential candidates find you?

Linkedin is surely the first place I go to when searching. It is therefore worth keeping the profile up-to-date, to include key skills and projects that we are particularly proud of. You can also select the ‘open to job offers’ option – there is a high probability that I will contact such a candidate. 😉 It’s always a good idea to send an mail at  praca@metapack.com .

It is certainly easier to be seen by specialists with experience and skills. What can people, who take their first steps in the IT industry, do to prove that it is worth investing in?

First of all – contact me, introduce yourself, your achievements so far, not necessarily commercial ones. The very fact that someone takes the initiative and starts a conversation with us is important. Activities undertaken, for example various types of projects that a given person can boast about, will certainly be an additional advantage. This proves proactivity, and these are the features we value at Metapack.

Skills are one thing, but in modern companies other features are also important, such as independence, good organization, and communication skills. Which soft skills do you particularly focus on in Metapack?

First of all, we focus on teamwork, so we are looking for the so-called team players. Of course, each of us is a unique individual and we also appreciate this, but only in a group we gain strength and can support each other. Flexibility in operation is also important to us, i.e. quick adaptation to changes that are common in our industry. And – as I’ve already mentioned – proactivity. 😊

Your role does not end with finding candidates. How do you support candidates that take part in recruitment process?

I am at their disposal throughout the whole recruitment process, not only during meetings and interviews, but really all the time. I always try to emphasize that they can contact me with any questions, I make sure that they have my contact details and that they have received answers to their questions. I also try to suggest what areas may be covered during the interviews so that they can prepare for them.

What was your recruitment process like at Metapack? Are you settling in with your duties?

I remember being surprised that I had never gone through a recruitment process in such a friendly and open atmosphere. Of course I was stressed, but not a lot. I felt that I could just be myself, and everyone involved in the recruitment was extremely kind to me. My onboarding is still going on, there are many topics to implement, but I feel that they support me and trust in what I do, and this is extremely important to me.

Does recruitment process in Metapack have typical stages, as in any other large company, or have you developed your own solutions? What can candidates expect?

Some stages are typical and some are unique. I start recruitment with a short phone call, during which I want to get to know the candidate better, his or her motivation for changing jobs, expectations and ideas about the position and the company. If these are programming positions, after the interview I ask the candidate to complete two short programming tasks, which help us check the technical skills. The next stage is a conversation with me and the manager responsible for a given area. Here we have the opportunity to say more about the position and opportunities offered by working with us. The last stage is a meeting with the team that the person is about to join. At this stage, the manager and I disconnect from the conversation, giving space and time for both the candidate and the team to get to know each other better. After all, they are ultimately supposed to be comfortable with each other.

Every job interview, even in a relaxed atmosphere, is stressful. What advice would you give to people who come to Metapack and want to make a good impression?

Certainly, the stress before the interview is lower if you come prepared. Therefore, I recommend that you learn a bit about our company, the position itself, points from your own experience that could be useful in the job you apply for. But most of all – just be yourself and remember that on the other side there are kind people, curious about your passions and who you are.

Thank you for the interview.

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