Only Metapack employees and our customers can see…

Only Metapack employees and our customers can see…

..what is fully hidden behind the platform, which is one of the most innovative and wide-ranging solutions on the e-commerce market.

Our product, which has been in development for over 20 years, has never stood still, just like us. We often overtake the already rushing industry, we shape trends. We are constantly developing and improving our product, and with it our knowledge, experience and impact increase. On a daily basis, we not only guarantee great operation of the platform and improve it, but also expand and refine its accompanying services, such as tracking shipments or free returns.

We are proud of the reliability of our solutions, the innovation of our products and the trust placed in us by customers all over the world who put in our hands millions of transactions and fulfill their promises to their users.

Thanks to the affordability of Metapack solutions, implementing innovative and dynamic delivery solutions is possible almost immediately.

River Island

Our product is our influence

We have the privilege that Metapack platform is OUR product. We created it and continue to develop it. We have an influence on it. We define our goals and decide on the priorities and future of individual functions. All this in response to the endless needs of the market. Creating products offered in the SaaS model gives great opportunities, development and efficiency.

This privilege allows us to build unique relationships at Metapack based on trust, openness, sharing the impact on our work and its results. Employees have the opportunity to participate in projects from beginning to end, seeing not only their part of work, but the entire process of implementing ideas. In addition, the teams decide on which technologies they work and can implement new, even more effective solutions.

Our product is the result of thousands of ideas of specialists and experts who create it, which is why we support the creativity and innovation of all Metapackers. We’re open to every idea, trend or new knowledge.

If you ask what we do after work, do we implement any projects or take courses for work, we rather build a house, renovate an apartment or go to training.

We can learn and give ideas for the implementation of the system functionality during work. Time for development and searching for new solutions is as much a part of our job as performing the next tasks.

Shadows Team Software Engineer

What we do?

We code, check, test, deploy, debug, fix, implement, integrate and support dozens of microservices that make up the most modern and largest SaaS platform for managing delivery to consumers.

In human terms: we build, develop and implement dozens of programs that make up a solution that allows online stores to manage the delivery of your purchases. We maintain and support our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We not only try to attract new customers, but also take care of the current ones as best as we can. Improved, customer-friendly delivery options are at the heart of this approach. Metapack makes it possible to achieve this goal.

John Lewis

What does Metapack give to consumers?

The right to choose from many possibilities. Full transparency. Convenience and flexibility. Consumers expect the latest delivery methods to be available, full visibility into their purchases and convenient return options. Metapack makes it all possible.

The Metapack product is a truly revolutionary concept. It developed in parallel with our activities, allowed us to offer a wider range of products or the ability to monitor all our orders. All this for the best possible customer service.


What is the Metapack Platform for Online Sellers?

A key foundation for integration. With Metapack, stores offer their customers exactly the delivery methods they want. On the second day, to the pickup point, with free return, abroad? Customers of companies that work with Metapack always have a choice.

Customer satisfaction means higher turnover. Efficient, stable and constantly developed Metapack service in the SaaS model means minimal investment, costs commensurate with the size of the served market and the possibility of numerous improvements for the entire cycle of comprehensive delivery service on the seller’s side.

What is the Metapack courier platform?

A partner. Nobody understands the needs of couriers as we do. We know what routings, codes, validations, ident codes, labels, manifests, preadvises are… we also speak their language.

The Metapack platform helps couriers reach the customers of online stores of the best brands in the world with their purchase delivery options, and thus to the giants in the e-commerce market, it complements the entire network of connections between customers, sellers and suppliers. Undoubtedly, this network can exist thanks to the solutions that Metapack offers.